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Buyers Equippo

Cédric D.
Buyer from Belgium
"The service was really reliable and I received the machine very quickly. I didn’t know about Equippo before, I found the machine on the internet by chance. It is the first time that I buy online and do everything over the phone."
Fernando L.
Buyer from Uruguay
"Complete satisfaction, “tremendous” attention, very honest, a company that does not fool, a serious business partner, fast and practical."
Camilo E.
Buyer from Colombia
"I'm very happy with the attention. The information and answers were very clear from the beginning, The attention was very timely, I felt very confident. The technical report is very comprehensive."

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Conditions Summary

All we ask, is that you return the machine in a similar condition to how you received it. That means:

  1. -> Used for max 5 days, or 25 hours (whichever comes first)
  2. -> No excessive and/or unprofessional repairs
  3. -> No indication of abnormal usage
  4. -> No damage that was not pre existing
  5. -> Vandalism, sabotage and theft are not covered
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