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Follow these simple steps to participate in our auctions:



Bidders need an Equippo account to register for the auction. A deposit is needed to be approved to bid.

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Place bids

Bid live online or place pre-Bids beforehand.

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High bidders receive a proforma invoice within 24 hours after the auction.


Pick up or receive your lots

We have loading and unloading facilities and can assist you if needed. Transportation is offered upon request.

Buyers Equippo

Cédric D.
Buyer from Belgium
"The service was really reliable and I received the machine very quickly. I didn’t know about Equippo before, I found the machine on the internet by chance. It is the first time that I buy online and do everything over the phone."
Fernando L.
Buyer from Uruguay
"Complete satisfaction, “tremendous” attention, very honest, a company that does not fool, a serious business partner, fast and practical."
Camilo E.
Buyer from Colombia
"I'm very happy with the attention. The information and answers were very clear from the beginning, The attention was very timely, I felt very confident. The technical report is very comprehensive."

Equippo's Yards

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In order to place bids at Equippo Auction you need to be registered and approved to bid.





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Frequently asked questions

How can I register for the auction?

  1. Click on “Register to bid ›” and create an Equippo account or log in to yours.
  2. Fill out the auction registration form with your company details.
  3. Pay the refundable deposit of EUR 1.000,00 (VIP clients are exempt from the deposit payment).

How can I see the auction lots?

You can view all lots in our online catalog or by downloading our PDF catalog . Visit each lot’s page to check detailed pictures and videos and the complete inspection report.

How can I know the real condition of the lots?

We strive to be 100% transparent about the condition of our lots. That is why each one of them is carefully inspected by our experts and we show detailed pictures, videos and the complete inspection report on each lot’s page.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

We offer a unique and revolutionary Money-Back Guarantee on every lot. Once your purchased lot is in your possession you have 5 days to test it and to make a claim. Claims are only accepted after payment and after delivery or pick up. You can read more about our Money-Back Guarantee here.

Where are the lots located?

We sell lots from our 2 auction yards. One is located right in the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium and the other one in Domazan, France nearby the city of Avignon. We also sell lots from our sellers’ premises as virtual lots. These lots are delivered by us at your expense.

Before the auction you can see the location of each lot on its page or in the PDF catalog.

During the auction you can see its location right on the bidding screen next to the lot number.

How does the delivery/pick-up process work?

Lots located in any of our yards can be picked up by buyers after sending proof of payment. Buyers can coordinate the pick-up time using our scheduling tool.

Virtual lots, which are sold from our sellers’ premises, are delivered by us at your expense. You can calculate the delivery cost using our Transport Price Calculator on any virtual lot’s page.

We can deliver any lot upon request, regardless of the location.

How can I know at what time a specific lot will be sold?

During our live auctions each lot is sold separately and consecutively; starting with lot number 1. There are no fixed time slots. A lot is sold to the highest bidder once the countdown hits zero and no more bids are placed, so make sure you are bidding while your desired lots are being sold! You can estimate that on average it takes 1 minute to sell each lot.

Once all lot numbers have been assigned, you can download the PDF catalog to see the order in which the lots will be sold.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out, you can place a Pre-Bid and let our system bid for you

Are there any fees or charges?

We are very transparent about our fees and only charge buyers a fee of 12.0% over the hammer price. There are no document fees or other charges.

To be approved to bid and participate in the auction bidders need to pay a refundable deposit of EUR 1.000,00.

How can I access the auction?

The live auction will be accessible from a prominent link on our website a couple of hours before the auction starts. Registered participants will also receive an email with a link to the auction on the day of the event.

How can I bid or Pre-Bid?

Only approved bidders can place valid bids at our auctions. There are 2 ways in which you can bid: live during the auction and in advance by placing Pre-Bids. Our auctions are held 100% online.

  1. Online Live Bidding

    To bid online you need to be logged in to your Equippo account at the time of the event. On the live auction screen you will see the lot being sold, the current bid and the asking bid. To bid you will just need to click on the big green button showing the asking bid. Each lot is sold separately using a countdown timer and when a new bid is placed the countdown resets itself automatically. The highest bidder gets the lot once the countdown hits zero and no more bids are placed.

  2. Online Pre-Bidding

    Not sure whether you’ll be online while your desired lot is being sold? Experiencing a slow internet connection? Place a Pre-Bid and let our system bid for you!

    A Pre-Bid or absentee bid allows you to place your bid ahead of time. Pre-Bids can be set before the auction starts or even after it has already started, as long as the lot has not been sold. During the auction a Pre-Bid acts like your maximum bid automatically bidding for you, so that you pay the lowest bid possible up to your maximum. We aim to be very fair with Pre-Bidders and sell them lots cheaper than their limit whenever we can. In case of a price tie our system gives priority to Pre-Bids over Live-Bids.

    You can place Pre-Bids by visiting your desired lot’s page. Only Pre-Bids from approved bidders will be valid during the auction.

How can I see my Pre-Bids?

To see a list containing your lots with Pre-Bids, log in to your Equippo account and click on “Menu” in the top right corner of your screen. Then click on “View Profile” and navigate to the “My Auctions” section where you will find and can manage all of your lots with Pre-Bids.

How can I see the lots I won?

You can access your won lots during the live auction by clicking on the “My Won Lots” button at the bottom of the page. You can also access them from your profile at any time after the auction. To access your profile, log in to your Equippo account and click on “Menu” in the top right corner of your screen. Then click on “View Profile” and navigate to the “My Auctions” section where you will find all information about each auction in which you participated.

For more information about the auction please read our auction terms & conditions.

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