Equippo AG / V004 / last Updated: 9th of June, 2021

1. Scope and Implementation

These Buyer Terms & Conditions (the "Buyer Terms & Conditions") shall apply to and govern any offer and/or purchase by you (the "Buyer") of equipment ("Equipment") listed on the websites and online marketplaces operated by Equippo AG, Grafenauweg 8, 6300, Zug, Switzerland ("Equippo"; together with the Buyer the "Parties") under the domain www.equippo.com and any local country versions operated by Equippo (the "Marketplace").

Unless explicitly agreed otherwise by Equippo in writing, general terms and conditions and/or other contractual documents issued or provided by the Buyer are explicitly waived and excluded.

The Buyer acknowledges that its contracting party for the purchase of Equipment is Equippo. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Buyer acknowledges that some or all of the Equipment may be offered by Equippo on the basis of an undisclosed agency model on behalf of a third-party seller.

These Buyer Terms & Conditions apply in addition to Equippo's General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Websites and Marketplaces (the "Website Terms & Conditions"). In case of discrepancies between the Website Terms & Conditions and these Buyer Terms & Conditions, the terms of these Buyer Terms & Conditions shall prevail.

2. Order Process

2.1. Orders and Updated Offers

When submitting an offer to purchase the relevant Equipment or placing an order at the buy-now price for the relevant Equipment, the Buyer submits a binding and irrevocable offer to purchase the relevant Equipment (the "Order"), without the right of the Buyer to cancel or retract the relevant Order, safe for exceptions provided by law or these Buyer Terms & Conditions (e.g. the Money Back Guarantee Procedure).

The Buyer hereby acknowledges that such Order is subject to reconfirmation of the purchase price (except where the Buyer buys at a buy now price) and availability of the relevant Equipment by Equippo (the "Confirmation") or (except where the Buyer buys at a buy now price) transmission of a revised offer (the "Updated Offer") by Equippo.

Should an Updated Offer be transmitted to the Buyer, the Buyer may accept such Updated Offer within 1 Business Day. Updated Offers shall be deemed expired at the earlier of (i) the Buyer declining the Updated Offer or (ii) the failure of the Buyer to notify Equippo about the acceptance of the Updated Offer within 1 Business Day upon submission of the Updated Offer to the Buyer. “Business Day” shall mean any day on which the Banks in Zug are open for business. Accepted Updated Offers are also subject to a confirmation by Equippo (hereinafter also referred to as “Confirmation”).

Equippo reserves the right to reject any Order at its sole discretion.

2.2. Binding Contract

A binding contract for the purchase of any Equipment shall be deemed concluded upon Equippo having submitted a Confirmation to the Buyer, but is in any case subject to the condition that the Buyer pays the Purchase Price in accordance with section 3.1 or provides a security at Equippo’s request.

2.3. No Warranties

Equippo provides a Money Back Guarantee and it represents and warrants that the Buyer will, upon full completion of the purchase of Equipment in accordance with these Buyer Terms & Conditions and subject to full payment of the Purchase Price and any costs, taxes and duties in connection with the delivery of the relevant Equipment to the Buyer's destination country, become the legal owner of the relevant Equipment, free and clear of any liens and encumbrances. Buyer acknowledges and agrees Equippo shall be exempt from and does not make any further implied or express representations or warranties, or provide any further guarantees, to the Buyer with regard to any sold Equipment.

2.4. Money Back Guarantee

The procedure detailed in this Section 2.4 shall be known as the "Money Back Guarantee Procedure".

Equippo herewith agrees to cancel the binding contract agreed between the Buyer and Equippo (as detailed in Section 2.2) regarding any Equipment purchased from Equippo (in each case the “Refund Equipment”) provided that the Buyer provides Equippo with a written notice that it wants to cancel the contract within five Business Days from the first unloading of the Refund Equipment at the Buyer’s jobsite or business place (the "Money Back Guarantee Period"), but in no case later than 20 Business Days from the arrival of the vessel, and subject to the following explicit conditions (the "Refund Conditions"):

  1. Before operating the Refund Equipment, the Buyer is responsible to ensure the Refund Equipment is ready for use; this specifically includes verification of sufficient fluid levels and the fluids and filter condition;
  2. The Refund Equipment is cleaned by the Buyer and returned to Equippo in exactly the same condition as it was when initially delivered to the Buyer, including without limitation, with regards to quality and functionality (the "Quality Condition");
  3. An inspection by a representative of Equippo at a reasonable location of Equippo's choice in the jurisdiction where the Refund Equipment was delivered ("Buyer’s Jurisdiction"), to ensure the Quality Condition is satisfied, it being understood that the Buyer shall provide Equippo with its full cooperation and assistance in arranging such inspection;
  4. A written approval (for which an email shall be sufficient) from Equippo to the Buyer that the Quality Condition has been satisfied;
  5. The Buyer’s full cooperation in delivering the Refund Equipment back into Equippo’s custody at a reasonable location of Equippo's choice in Buyer’s Jurisdiction, to enable the transportation of the Refund Equipment to another location of Equippo's choice; or in the event that the Buyer imported the Refund Equipment when it initially purchased it, a location outside Buyer’s Jurisdiction of Equippo’s choice, in accordance with the following paragraph (in each case, as applicable, the "Return Location");
  6. If the Buyer imported the Equipment when it initially purchased it from Equippo, the Buyer must arrange for the satisfaction of all (re-)export procedures and requirements to enable the (re-)export and handover of the Refund Equipment at a Refund Location of its choice in a suitable free zone. Any exceptions to the requirements set out in this provision, are at Equippo’s sole discretion and must be agreed in writing between the Parties, for which email is sufficient.
  7. The Buyer’s full cooperation in carrying out any actions necessary to enable the full transfer of ownership of the Refund Equipment from the Buyer back to Equippo.
  8. No unreasonable delay caused by the Buyer (including without limitation through your non-responsiveness to Equippo’s communication attempts, and lack of cooperation) in the return of Refund Equipment to the Return Location, or anything else necessary to carry out the Money Back Guarantee Procedure.

The Parties agree, that any funds the Buyer has paid Equippo as payment of the Purchase Price for the Refund Equipment (in each case the "Funds") will only be returned to the Buyer after the Refund Equipment is back in Equippo’s actual possession. In every event where Equippo agrees to cancel a contract after the Refund Conditions have been satisfied, Equippo will pay back the Funds to the Buyer by bank transfer within 10 Business Days of gaining possession of the Refund Equipment, as far as the purchase price has been fully received by Equippo at that time, or as applicable, by cancellation or return of other payment instruments, such as letters of credit or bank guarantees if these were used for payment of the original Refund Equipment purchase.

Only with respect to any equipment purchased from “Equippo France SARL” in an auction sale conducted under French legislation, the above Section details the procedure to return the Equipment by way of Equippo AG acting as a buyer in a repurchase transaction, whereby Equippo AG purchases the Refund Equipment from the Buyer subject to full payment having been received by “Equippo France SARL” and above Refund Conditions being fulfilled, at the same price paid by the Buyer to “Equippo France SARL”.

3. Purchase Price

3.1. Purchase Price Elements

The purchase price for any Equipment for which a binding contract is concluded in accordance with Section 2.2 (the "Purchase Price") shall be the purchase price indicated in the Confirmation. The Buyer hereby acknowledges that costs, taxes and duties shall only be included in the Purchase Price if and to the extent specified on the Confirmation, as well as on the pro forma invoice. For transport costs (delivery costs) see Section 5.1.

3.2. Delivery Address

The Purchase Price is contingent on the delivery address provided by the Buyer in the Order. The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that any changes to the delivery address may lead to additional costs.

3.3. EU VAT or similar Taxes

For the purpose of these Buyer Terms & Conditions, "VAT" shall mean any value added taxes as per the EU VAT directive, or any other value added taxes, sales taxes or similar taxes in non-EU countries.

All prices indicated by Equippo on the Marketplace, in the Confirmation or otherwise by Equippo are net of EU VAT, unless explicitly stated and specified otherwise.

In case of any sale being subject to VAT, such VAT will be charged and specified as such on the pro forma invoice issued as per Section 4.1 and the Confirmation.

Equippo will remit any taxes or duties specified as included in the Confirmation, to the competent authorities on behalf of the Buyer. The Buyer shall be responsible for any duties and taxes not specified in the Confirmation. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Equippo will inform the Buyer about such duties and taxes to the extent known to Equippo.

4. Invoice and Payment

4.1. Pro-Forma Invoice

Upon issuance of a Confirmation, Equippo will send the Buyer a pro-forma invoice for the relevant Purchase Price.

4.2. Payment Terms

The payment of the amount specified on such pro-forma invoice and any other payments due by the Buyer to Equippo shall be made within 5 Business Days upon receipt of the respective invoice. Upon receipt of the payment of the amount specified on such pro-forma invoice, Equippo will send a respective confirmation to the Buyer.

Upon expiry of the 5 Business Days’ payment period, the Buyer is automatically in default. Section 2.2 remains reserved.

4.3. Currency

The default currency for transactions conducted under these Buyer Terms & Conditions is the Euro. Any display of prices in local currency is for information only. Application of any currency other than the Euro for any transaction under these Buyer Terms & Conditions is subject to written agreement (whereby e-mail or form submissions on our website are acceptable) and only confirmed if specified in the Confirmation and the pro forma invoice.

4.4. Method of Payment and Source of Funds

Unless other payment terms have specifically been agreed in writing and reconfirmed in the Confirmation, the payment of any Purchase Price and any payment of other amounts due by the Buyer to Equippo shall be made via bank transfer. All payments must be made with the Buyer's own funds. The bank account used for any payments must be in the name of the Buyer.

4.5. Additional Fees

Any additional and outstanding fees such as for premium inspections are payable at the latest together with the payment of the Purchase Price.

5. Export, Delivery and Import

5.1. Transportation

Equippo shall arrange and pay for transport of the relevant Equipment from its current location to the place of delivery agreed with the Buyer and any export customs fees, transport, insurance premium, bank fees and other third-party costs related to the delivery of the equipment to the Buyer will be paid from the Purchase Price. In addition to the foregoing, Equippo shall arrange and pay for transport of any Refund Equipment from the Return Location to a location of its choice, in every event the Money Back Guarantee Procedure is carried out in accordance with Section 2.4 and the remaining provisions contained herein.

5.2. Export and Export Control

Equippo shall ensure compliance with any applicable export compliance regulations of the place of business of Equippo and/or of the country of export of the relevant Equipment.

The Buyer represents that he is not subject to any export control restrictions and acknowledges that Equippo may fully rely on such representation.

The Buyer acknowledges that Equippo will not sell to any embargoed persons or countries according to Swiss regulations or any regulations in place at the origin or ship-from country of the equipment, or which any third party seller may be subject to, which may include (but is not limited to) UN, EAR, OFAC or ITAR regulations.

Any Buyer is required to refrain from reselling or otherwise transferring any equipment purchased from Equippo to embargoed person or countries.

The Buyer acknowledges that Equippo will not sell to (i) any person or entity listed in any Sanctions-related list of designated Persons maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Department of State, or by the United Nations Security Council, the European Union or any European Union member state or Switzerland, (ii) any person operating, organized or resident in a country subject to any economic or financial sanctions or trade embargoes imposed, administered or enforced from time to time by the aforementioned authorities or (iii) any person owned or controlled by any of the persons covered in items (i) or (ii) (together the "Sanctioned Persons").

The Buyer shall confirm to Equippo that it is not a Sanctioned Person, that it is not acting on behalf or for the benefit of a Sanctioned Person and undertakes not to resell or transfer any equipment to any Sanctioned Person.

5.3. Destination Country Regulations

The compliance of any Equipment for which a binding contract is concluded in accordance with Section 2.2 with any safety, emission or other local laws and regulations of the destination country indicated in the Confirmation shall be within the full responsibility of the Buyer.

5.4. Delivery Date

Equippo will provide an estimated date range for the delivery of the Equipment to the destination specified in the Confirmation, respectively. The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that such date range is an estimate only provided by Equippo in good faith and made by applying reasonable care and shall under no circumstances be deemed guaranteed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Equippo will, however, undertake reasonable efforts to deliver the Equipment in an adequately short timeframe.

5.5. Import

For certain markets, Equippo may facilitate the import of the relevant Equipment to the destination country for the Buyer in Buyer’s name. The Buyer shall, however, in any case remain the importer of record, and Equippo and its dedicated logistics partners shall hereby act as agents of the Buyer only. Should notwithstanding the foregoing Equippo be deemed the importer of record, the Buyer undertakes to hold Equippo harmless against any damages caused by Equippo being deemed the importer of record. The Buyer agrees to provide Equippo with any information and documents necessary for the purpose of importing the relevant Equipment to the destination country in question.

5.6. Power of Attorney

The Buyer hereby grants power of attorney to Equippo limited to arranging transport, insurance, customs procedures, remittance of duties and taxes due and transfer of ownership to the Buyer, and the Buyer undertakes and agrees to issue any documents reasonably requested by Equippo to evidence such limited power of attorney.

5.7. Confirmation of Receipt and Pictures

The Buyer shall confirm the receipt of the Equipment to the relevant transport company and to Equippo upon delivery. The Buyer shall be responsible to take pictures of the Equipment while still loaded on the delivering truck from every angle prior to unloading.

5.8. Transfer of Ownership

Whenever the Equipment is offered by Equippo on the basis of an undisclosed agency model on behalf of a third-party seller, the transfer of ownership of the relevant Equipment shall operate directly between the third party seller for which Equippo is acting on the basis of an undisclosed agency model and the Buyer. In any case, the transfer of ownership to the Buyer shall be executed by the transfer of the possession of the Equipment to Equippo or the subcontractors designated by it on behalf of the Buyer and hereby upon the loaded Equipment leaving the premises of a third-party seller (from whom Equippo may purchase such Equipment or for whom Equippo is acting on the basis of an undisclosed agent) or other location of the Equipment.

5.9. Transfer of Risk of Loss

Equippo shall arrange for transport insurance coverage for the benefit of the Buyer and for the period starting with the transfer of ownership to the Buyer as per Section 5.8 and ending with the delivery of the relevant Equipment to the Buyer. The Buyer acknowledges that Equippo may take out additional insurance for its own benefit to cover any fee arrangements with any relevant third party seller and further costs.

5.10. Unloading Delays

Should for any reason no representative of the Buyer be available for unloading and receipt of the Equipment within two hours of arrival of the truck at the specified delivery address, within the agreed delivery timeframe, any additional charges for waiting times and additional delivery attempts are at the charge of the Buyer and payable directly to the transport company prior to unloading of the Equipment.

5.11. Undeliverable and Abandoned Equipment

Should it be impossible for Equippo to deliver the Equipment to the Buyer (e.g. due to inability to reach the Buyer or a representative of the Buyer for the purpose of delivery and unloading), Equippo may place the equipment in storage at the Buyers’ cost.

The Buyer may claim for delivery of the Equipment within 60 calendar days of the Equipment being placed into storage, in which case the Buyer shall pay for storage and additional delivery charges prior to subsequent delivery of the Equipment.

Should the Buyer not claim for delivery of the Equipment within 60 calendar days of the Equipment being placed into storage, Equippo may deem the Equipment abandoned and, without prejudice to any other remedy by law or by contract, offer the Equipment for sale at any liquidation value Equippo deems appropriate. Equippo shall be entitled to a commission of 25% of the gross proceeds resulting from such sale. The remainder of such gross proceeds, minus all additional transport and storage costs incurred, shall be kept by Equippo in escrow for the Buyer and be paid to the Buyer upon request.

6. Complaints

6.1. Transport Damages

Complaints on transport damages of the Equipment must be raised immediately and in accordance with the conditions and procedure of the transport insurance policy, available on request.

6.2. Accuracy of Description; Defects

Any information provided by or disclosed on the Marketplace is provided as guidance only and does not form part of the purchase contract, unless explicitly stated in the Confirmation, respectively.

Complaints on the accuracy of the description of the Equipment or any other similar complaints must be addressed by e-mail to Equippo. Any complaints must be submitted immediately, in no case later than 5 Business Days after unloading of the Equipment at the delivery address.

Equippo will not accept complaints regarding conditions and related inaccuracies that did not exist prior to the transfer of ownership to the Buyer as per Section 5.8, and the Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Equippo in particular will not accept any liability relating to defects caused during transportation or being within the responsibility of the Buyer.

The Buyer acknowledges that Equippo may have certain remedies against a third-party seller in case of any defects of the relevant Equipment. Without prejudice to Section 2.3 (No Warranties), Equippo will attempt to investigate and resolve any valid, substantiated and proven defect in dialog with the relevant third-party seller.

Equippo may, at its full discretion, choose to provide the contact information of any relevant third-party seller to the Buyer.

If and to the extent Equippo should have any contractual remedies in case of defects of the relevant Equipment, Equippo agrees to assign such remedies and claims, provided that it shall be acknowledged and agreed by the Buyer that any recourse by the Buyer shall be only against any relevant third-party seller and not against Equippo.

7. Further Provisions

7.1. No Circumvention

For Equipment that the Buyer has first identified on the Marketplace as being for sale, the Buyer is prohibited from, without prior written consent of Equippo, contacting or attempting to contact any relevant third-party seller directly or indirectly other than via Equippo, or otherwise from attempting a purchase of such Equipment other than via the Marketplace. Should such purchase outside of the Marketplace occur, the Buyer is liable for any damages occurred to Equippo, including but not limited to the loss of any commission and costs for the listing and advertisement of the relevant Equipment.

7.2. No Uptime Guarantees

The Buyer acknowledges that Equippo neither guarantees that transmission of any Order, Updated Offer, or Confirmation is free of errors nor the continuous availability of the Marketplace.

7.3. Right to Delist

The Marketplace reserves the right remove any listed Equipment at any time and for any reason, without liability in case such of delisting.

7.4. Intellectual Property

Any intellectual property on all data generated by or disclosed on the Marketplace shall remain in Equippo’s exclusive property.

8. Indemnification

The Buyer agrees to fully indemnify Equippo against, and hold Equippo harmless for, irrespective of any fault of the Buyer (verschuldensunabhängig), any damages suffered by Equippo and caused by any representations made by the Buyer under these Buyer Terms & Conditions not being true, correct and accurate in all respects or the Buyer not complying with its obligations pursuant to these Buyer Terms & Conditions.

Where the Buyer makes any representations, warranties and guarantees under these Buyer Terms & Conditions, the Buyers liability pursuant to this Section shall neither be qualified, nor be reduced or otherwise be limited by any actual or deemed knowledge by Equippo.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1. Taxes, Costs and Expenses

Unless otherwise provided in these Buyer Terms & Conditions, any and all taxes and other public charges imposed on one of the Parties in connection with these Buyer Terms & Conditions and the transactions contemplated hereby are to be borne by the Party on which such tax or public charge is imposed.

Unless otherwise provided in these Buyer Terms & Conditions, each Party shall bear its own costs and expenses arising out of or incurred in connection with these Buyer Terms & Conditions and all transactions contemplated hereby.

9.2. Amendments

Equippo reserves the right to amend these Buyer Terms & Conditions at any time with effect for any future purchases (i.e. purchases for which the Buyer has not yet submitted an Order).

9.3. Assignments

Neither Party shall be entitled to assign or transfer any rights resulting from a binding contract among the Parties for the purchase of Equipment or any of the rights or obligations thereunder to any third-party without the prior written consent of each other Party, with the exception that Equippo shall remain free to assign its claims against the Buyer for payment of the Purchase Price and any applicable fees, costs and charges (together with all ancillary rights pertaining thereto) to an affiliate or third party for any purposes, including, e.g. under a factoring arrangement, otherwise for financing purposes, or for collection, without requiring the Buyer's consent. Other transfers or assignments in accordance with these Buyer Terms & Conditions shall remain reserved.

9.4. Severability

If any part or provision of these Buyer Terms & Conditions shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions of these Buyer Terms & Conditions shall nonetheless remain valid. In this case, the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced (by court order, as the case may be) by a substitute provision that best reflects the intentions of the invalid or unenforceable provision without being unenforceable. The same shall apply in case of any gap in these Buyer Terms & Conditions.

9.5. Governing Law

The relationship between the Parties and/or these these Buyer Terms & Conditions shall be governed by substantive Swiss law (to the exclusion of the conflict of laws provisions and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) dated 11 April 1980).

9.6. Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the relationship between the Parties and/or these Buyer Terms & Conditions shall be exclusively referred to the courts competent for the city of Zug, Switzerland.

9.7. English Language

These Buyer Terms & Conditions may be translated into other languages; the English version however shall be the superseding and sole legally binding language version.